Some Basic Computer Security Tips

These days as always it is important to stay safe on the internet. Every day it seems we hear of more and more ingenious ways that crooks and scammers are trying to infiltrate our lives using the internet. Computer security tips, maintenance and online backup are more important than ever!
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Here are some more general tips to stay safe:


1) Unsolicited Tech Support 

If anyone claiming to be from Microsoft, or Tech Support, or anywhere else calls you to tell you that they have detected a problem with your computer, just hang up. No legitimate companies can or will do that, so it is definitely a scam. We’ve heard of that happening to a few clients over the last year or so, so heads up.

2) Are you still running Windows 7?

It might be time to consider a change. Understandably many people were reluctant to switch, but Windows 10 is a far superior operating system than anything Microsoft has put out before. In the last year or so we have noted that the only clients getting viruses are those running Windows 7 or earlier. Windows 10 is much more secure and stable and therefore more difficult for hackers to infiltrate. Another good thing for security is to use a online data storage service for the secure sharing and storing of confidential documents online

3) Keep Your Antivirus Program Up to Date 

We recommend ESET Nod32 Antivirus for multi-user and business networks. For home users, there is Microsoft Security Essentials. Both these programs provide great protection against viruses and malware, so keep them up to date always.

4) Have a Backup Plan 

In cases where your best efforts fail to protect you, it’s always good to have a backup plan. For maximum effectiveness a backup plan needs to be automatic so as to not be vulnerable to human failure, and offsite in case of fire, theft, or vandalism. We have  our own backup service and can custom tailor a backup plan for you. Whether you have 5 GB of work files, or multiple gigabytes of family photos, don’t wait for a failure to find out you have no backup plan. Call us today.

5) Keep Your Computers Maintained

Like a tune-up for your car or furnace, having a qualified technician look over your computers and networks regularly, be it monthly or quarterly can help you to avert those disasters that can cost your business big money. Not only will keeping your computers maintained keep them running faster, thereby increasing productivity, but we will also be able to let you know of any impending dangers, or opportunities for improvements


Using these basic tips should keep you and your data secure and happy!!

Some Basic Computer Security Tips