Likely the top marketing service that we provide is search engine optimization, which is a digital marketing tool that every website owner should be aware of if they want their online business to be successful. When you properly optimize your website, the site should begin to appear towards the top of search engine results via Google and Bing, which can help you increase search engine optimization mississaugacustomer conversion rates and bolster site traffic. Before you develop an extensive marketing plan, you should first understand just how important SEO can be to your marketing efforts.


What Is Search Engine Optimization?


Search engine optimization is a form of digital marketing that can help you improve the quantity and quality of the site traffic that you receive through organic results on search engines like Bing and Google. A common way to optimize a website for search engines is by integrating keywords and key phrases into the content on your website. If completed properly by marketing professionals like us, your website will appear towards the top of search results for relevant keywords.


Optimization for search engines can only be fully effective by first understanding what your customers are searching for, what content they want to consume, and which words they typically use. Search engines crawl websites to determine if the site has been properly optimized. Among the best aspects of search engine optimization is that it’s very affordable to implement yet can provide significant dividends. Small businesses can increase the popularity of their website and brand without needing to spend a substantial sum of money to do so.


Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important for Your Company


Most businesses tend to focus their digital marketing efforts on paid advertisements. While these advertisements can help you bring traffic to your website via search engines, the effectiveness of this technique is dwindling. In fact, less than three percent of people who use search engines in Canada will click on a paid ad. On the other hand, search engine optimization has proven to be highly effective and can bring in more than 20 times the amount of traffic when compared to PPC ads.


By having your website optimized for search engines, your website and the pages within should start appearing towards the top of search results, which is highly important if you want to increase site traffic. Around 35 percent of users will only click on the first three results that their query provides them with. A total of 75 percent of users will never click past the initial page of results. If you want your business and brand to be more popular than the competition, it’s imperative that you use search engine optimization on your website.


Things to Do and Things to Avoid When Implementing SEO


Search engines like Google and Bing will rank websites high that are deemed to be engaging, unique, and valuable, which means that relevant and optimized content is a must. Two important factors that can improve your ranking with search engines include links and page speed. Some of the things that can worsen your ranking include content that’s automatically generated, stuffing content with keywords, and not having original content on your website.

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It’s also recommended that businesses enhance their social media presence while improving their search engine optimization efforts. Even though search engines like Google don’t use social media as a ranking signal, you’ll find that the majority of top-ranking websites have a strong presence on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The SEO benefits of having a strong presence on these platforms include:


  • Relevant content will be indexed by search engines
  • Can obtain quality backlinks
  • Helps you grow core audience on social media platforms, which improves brand awareness and increases the amount of clicks to your website via search engines
  • Allows you to perform effective keyword research


Now that you understand just how important search engine optimization can be to the continued success of your business, it’s important to start improving your search engine optimization efforts. If you are interested in discussing how we can help you, please contact us

The Importance of SEO