A Familiar Dilemma

I’m sure we’ve all been there. Staring at yet another page of another service or website asking us to create a super secure yet super memorable password. You shake your head and ask yourself, “Another one??? How many passwords do I need to have???” If you are like most people, you do one of 3 things:

-Use the exact same password you have used 100 times before

-Use the same password, BUT add a “1” at the end (Super cryptic!!!)

-Create a new password, and write it down on a handy little note that you hang from your monitor

We all know by now that we are not supposed to do these things. I am sure you have all been lectured ad nauseam by your company IT Guy, your boss, or your colleague about how unsafe it is to do any of the above. And yet, we do it. Why? Because we do not have a viable alternative. The human brain is not a super computer, and can only retain so much data.

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The Solution

What we need is a simple, secure method to generate those passwords, store those passwords, and present them right when we need them.

That is where a Password Manager comes in. A good password manager is like a personal assistant: always right there with what you need when you need it. The idea is relatively simple. You need a secure vault to store your passwords, and present them to you in a timely manner.

Some of the features a good Password Manager should have are:

-Ability to generate secure passwords as needed. This allows you to use the password manager to generate a long, cryptic password that you do not need to remember since the password manager will remember it for you.

-Store and organize login info in a secure manner, using good encryption

-Should be “Zero Knowledge” meaning that the software provider cannot see your passwords or logins

-Should be able to pass those logins to different browsers on all your platforms (PC/Mac, Cell Phone, Tablet etc)

Bottom Line

At AYS Technologies Canada Inc., we use a password manager internally, and we recommend our clients use them as well. We can include a password manager in your Cyber Security stack so that each of your employees will have the ability to have their private logins, as well as shared logins across the organization.

Password managers are a vital part of modern computing, and provide many great functions to help keep you safe, and work efficiently. Call us today to see how we can help get you setup.

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The benefits of a good password manager