Mississauga Alarm Systems

These days it’s easy to get concerned about your personal security dealer when reading the news on a daily basis. Home invasions, break and enter, people stealing cars. It seems that there is no end to bad people doing bad things. While it’s important not to live our lives in fear, the sad truth is that there are many people out there that we do not want in our homes or places of business.

Traditionally an alarm system was pretty straight-forward and simple. You put a contact on each door and window, and a motion sensor in your living room, and the system would dial the monitoring station if someone forced open a door or a window.

While those traditional options still exist and are the core of the system, nowadays advances in disruptive technology have given us far greater options than before. Now you can have Smoke Detectors, Glass Break Sensors, Water detection, personal and Medical alert options, all monitored by the central station.

You can also have 2 way voice so the monitoring station can speak to someone in your home and hear what is going on. This is great not only for intrusion prevention, but also for people with children or elderly people living at home.

One new reality these days is that many people do not have a standard home phone line. This is where your dealer can help in selecting the right options for you. Some VOIP systems are alarm compatible, and for those that are not, you can add GSM (cell tower) communications to your system.

The cutting edge of alarm systems are those that have some home automation features built-in. Things such as the ability to remotely adjust your thermostat, lock and unlock doors (, turn lights on or off, or look at video of your location using your Smart Phone from anywhere in the world.

mississauga alarm systems
Honeywell Lynx Series

Most systems can also send you alerts if your doors have or have not been opened by a certain time, a great feature for those with school age children at home.

Bottom line is, there are many different types of systems out there, and they offer peace of mind no matter what your lifestyle. If you would like to discuss any of these options for your home, cottage, or place of business, contact us.

Mississauga Alarm Systems