Learn to Google like the pros

One handy and simple tool I find myself using often is the “Site” operator in a Google search. It’s a little trick I learned while doing some computer training. Often I find myself needing some info and knowing what site it is on. In those cases I can use Google to help me pinpoint exactly what I want, and this searching tool is unbelievably easy and useful tool to use with the Google Search Engine.

learn to use google search

Example: Lets say I am doing some product research for a new set of headphones. I know that I really like the reviews at Engadget (www.engadget.com). So instead of just Googling “Headphones”, I enter the following in the search bar:

headphones site:engadget.com

This tells Google to only return results from Engadget. Now if you try the above example, you will see that there are a lot of results about headphones supposedly designed by Dr Dre. If I don’t want to wade through those, I simply do this:

headphones site:engadget.com -dre

This effectively tells Google “show me results from Engadget regarding headphones, but remove anything that has “Dre” in it (no offence to the good doctor). We can also stack commands, such as:

headphones site:engadget.com -dre -sony

Or we can add positive operators, such as:

headphones site:engadget.com -dre -sony +noise cancelling

And don’t forget, you can use these tools across all learn to Google platforms, so if you are on Gmail for instance, you can use these commands to search for old messages.

If you are looking for a more exhaustive list, look here Or call us for some one on one computer training. We’d be happy to help

The possibilities are endless. I hope you will find this function as useful as I do. Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.

Learn to Google like the pros