Benefits of Managed IT Services

IT support is critical to any business irrespective of its nature. Although many businesses have embraced the use of managed IT services for their technical support, there are however many medium and small businesses that continue to rely on the traditional break-fix support, which is prone to numerous challenges.

Since computer support is vital for every business, it is every business owners’ primary objective to ensure their business has dependable computer service throughout their operations; this is where managed IT services come in handy. Using these services can benefit your IT support and your entire business a great deal, as opposed to when your computer support is dependent on the old break-fix support. Below are the benefits of managed services over break-fix support.

They Are Highly-Resilient and Secure

Ideally, managed IT services are offered by reputable providers with robust network infrastructure, making them very secure. With these services, you benefit from a remote Help Desk, and your servers are monitored 24/7 to meet your everyday needs. When there are functions that cannot be handled remotely, the provider sends a technician to fix the problems before they cost your business downtime and unexpected data loss.

Managed IT Services Are Reliable

In the old break-fix IT support model, the interest of your business are always conflicting with those of your IT and computer service provider. The idea behind break-fix IT support is that you pay a particular provider an hourly fee to provide you with all the materials including hard-drive, memory and other computer support services. In this scenario, break-fix IT support services aren’t dependable in that they are only available when the provider is there to offer them. In most cases, Managed IT services are provided by a provider whose interests are aligned with those of the client. With these services, your business can always count on well-defined IT services on a continuous basis and from a reliable provider.    managed it services mississauga

Managed IT Services Are Extremely Flexible

Unlike break-fix services, managed IT services are extremely flexible. You get to select precisely the type of services that suit your business’ needs. On the other hand, break-fix services are quite unpredictable. They are primarily based on a specific model that cannot be altered for any improvements. However, managed IT services are not just flexible but also designed to avoid any unpredictability for both the client and service provider. Things can also get better with managed IT services, especially if the provider has invested heavily in the most recent network management services.

Prompt Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is probably the most outstanding benefit of managed IT services over the old break-fix model. These services are designed with robust networks together with data centers that are always available, resilient and suited for maintaining business continuity. Managed IT services gives you a significant technological advantage.


Unlike with the conventional break-fix model where you depend on a provider with limited skills, managed IT services give you access to professional staff with specialist skills. Nothing gives a business owner peace of mind like knowing their IT support is being handled by experts. Experts are there to fix issues that your staff may never fix even when they have a background in IT and computer service. Most break-fix service providers rarely invest in modern network management tools since there are hardly any incentives for the provider to do so. More so, they lack experts who can fix a wide array of network issues. This makes your entire computer and network support vulnerable if you are using a break-fix provider.

Increased Service Levels

Managed IT services offer greater control over service levels. if you are using a reliable managed IT services provider, then you are always guaranteed of service continuity. Nevertheless, break-fix services don’t give you control over service levels. The provider can never guarantee you service continuity so long as your network support is dependent on a break-fix service provider. The Break-fix model is fundamentally flawed since the provider is unlikely to achieve what you really want for your business.

Managed Services Are Centralized

When you have a managed network, you can easily centralize your servers and applications within well managed data centers. As a result, you experience improved performance in your entire network management. Again, centralizing your data grants you access to reliable virtual centers, not to mention the robust storage and backup infrastructure you get. But for break-fix services, you can never centralize your applications and servers since the provider doesn’t have the necessary network infrastructure to enable you to achieve precisely that.

Latest Network Management Services

To get more clients and to generate more revenue, managed IT services providers must use the best network management equipment and technologies to meet their clients’ needs. These services are upgraded continuously as opposed to break-fix support services, where services aren’t upgraded at all. When using this old network management and support model, your IT services risk becoming obsolete in the long-run. The best thing about managed I.T. support is that they are frequently upgraded devoid of financial risk and additional costs.

Predictable Monthly Costs

Unlike with break-fix services where costs can vary significantly, managed IT services are offered at a fixed monthly cost. You select the best monthly payment plan that fits your business’s IT and network support needs. There are absolutely no additional charges even when the services are upgraded. It offers the best value for the price since you can see exactly what you are getting with the monthly payment plan you pick. Again, you can change your plan to one that seems perfect for your needs. Above all, the provider will never charge you any additional fees before informing you.


Managed IT services can ultimately offer loads of benefits for your business, in addition to enhancing your productivity. Irrespective of nature and also the size of your business, managed I.T support can change your IT and network management for the better. If you are interested in knowing how we can help you, please contact us. Based in Mississauga, we also serve Milton, Oakville, Guelph, Georgetown, Brampton and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Managed IT Services